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School Partnership Program

Our Maths and English Wiz and Maths Doctor programs are available in over 1,000 schools across Australia.
We understand that not all schools have the budgets, infrastructure and/or resources to implement eLearning programs. This is why we developed our School Partnership program (otherwise known as the School Donation Program) to allow a limited number of schools the opportunity to have FREE access to our eLearning programs. Schools are also provided with free PD sessions for teachers, so that teachers can have a greater appreciation of the programs and how to use this valuable resource.

Registered Schools

Proud sponsors of the 'You Can Do Maths' campaign brought to you by the AAMT. Proud sponsors of WAPPA. Proud sponsors of the Australian Principals Federation.

The School Partnership Program, donation includes:

  • Donation of Maths and English Wiz for agreed year levels

  • Free access for ALL students during school hours
    (agreed year levels)

  • Limited number of Maths Doctor Licenses

  • Free technical support and assistance with set-up

  • Free PD sessions

What do we ask in return?

Essentially the benefit to us is "awareness". We understand that from time to time teachers are approached by parents regarding their child’s educational needs. We are hopeful that by having our programs in your school, that if any parents were to ask about our programs, your teachers will be in a better position to give advice to the family.

Furthermore with the Partnership program, we do request that your School provide information to parents about the donation and information regarding our tuition programs.

If you would like to find out about the School Partnership Program, email - Please include in the email subject: "School Program - Query"

School Principal Testimonial

"I am most impressed that, using the program, the students have successfully learnt difficult concepts without the 'hard work' which is generally associated with learning maths through conventional methods. They feel that they are succeeding and success breeds success."
George Moran, School Principal