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Online Assessment

The Maths Doctor is an Online Diagnostic Tool that pinpoints exactly what your children know and diagnoses what your children do not know.

The Maths Doctor uses Artificial Intelligence that adjusts the difficulty of the assessment. This unique feature allows the Maths Doctor to go back or forward through the curriculum to identify exactly where their gaps start.

Designed for children of all understanding and school levels Prep to Year 10. Pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses in all strands of the curriculum.


Greater ACCURACY and more COMPREHENSIVE than traditional assessments. The Maths Doctor’s Artificial Intelligence adjusts the difficulty of the assessment based on previous answers.

MORE EFFICIENT than traditional assessments – the Maths Doctor’s Artificial Intelligence ensures that children are not wasting time on questions they do not know.

LESS DAUNTING than traditional tests. The Maths Doctor delivers one question at a time and selects questions to suit your children’s level of understanding.

USER FRIENDLY and easy to use. No need to pay hundreds of dollars to get your kids assessed and drive to a centre. Do in the comfort of your own home.