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It was our pleasure to have the Hon Julie Bishop, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, visit us to find out more about how we are helping students around the world and discuss how the government can assist us in Australia and overseas… exciting times ahead!

Maths and English Tutoring
with Proven Results!

Covers all of schooling from Kinder to Year 12 and ideal for all student levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Personalised Lesson Plans

We understand that every student is different. We identify each students current understanding level and tailor a tutoring program specific to their educational needs.

Support from Real Tutors

Tutor helplines are available to ensure that your children are never stuck when using the program and even with their homework. Parents can also call and discuss their child’s progress.

Kinetic Education

Kinetic Education's Maths Wiz and English Wiz take the frustration and boredom out of learning. Click above to view a video about Kinetic Education.

Maths Wiz and English Wiz

  • Weekly Personalised Lesson Plans – we assess each child, fix the gaps and let them realise their potential.

  • Children learn at their own pace – no more pressure of rushing through topics and not understanding them.

  • Instant feedback means children learn much faster. Concepts that can take up to 2 weeks in
    the classroom can be learnt in just 20mins.

  • Covers K -12 and includes over 65 games, 200 tests and 700 lessons – so you know they are getting the support they need.

  • Support from real tutors – children and parents can just pick up the phone.

  • More engaging and fun – children love the interaction and incentives program.

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Maths Doctor Assessment

The Maths Doctor Online Diagnostic Tool pinpoints exactly what your children know and do not know and creates a personalised lesson plan for each student in Maths Wiz.

  • Designed for children of all understanding and school levels Grade 1 to Year 10.

  • Pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses in all strands of the curriculum.

The Maths Doctor is essential for any parent who answers YES to any of the following:

  • Tired of waiting for school reports?

  • Would you like to know exactly what your child does and does not know?

  • Would you like to know if your child is falling behind in the curriculum?

  • Would you like to find out how bright your child really is?

  • Would you like to see results for NAPLAN testing sooner?

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